14 February 2023

ACOLAD asked 4S to realize its Team Building to federate and change the mindset!!!

ACOLAD a demandé à 4s de réaliser son team building pour fédérer et de changer le mindset !!!

ACOLAD asked 4S to realize its Team Building to federate and change the mindset!

4S Consulting is very proud to have been chosen by Acolad group to create and animate (in English) its 2023 Back-to-School Team Building for its international Business Solutions team.

Team reconstituted from a historical core of 3 people + 6 new people including the Manager. A "Full Remote" team, geographically distributed (7 countries and 8 nationalities).

Create a new team start/launch, take advantage of the fact that they are meeting for the first time in "real/physically" to federate them on the positive and (create) change a new team mindset.

Create and animate your back-to-school Team Building, animated in English and during one day, to help the team, starting from the individualities which compose it, to define and adopt a "growthmindset"/attitude, to better communicate together and to create a strong intercultural link between them.

Proposal for 4S Consulting:
1 day of Team Building 100% tailor-made, with a mix of co-construction, sharing and intercultural exchanges, games and creative, participative and ultra-dynamic educational modules.

A BIG THANKS to Philippe P. for all his confidence in us and in our team, and a BIG BRAVO to all the Business Solutions Team Acolad group, you did a great job together... we were delighted to accompany you 👍 #fierSSSS

And congratulations to Andy for his work, his animation and facilitation (in English!) of this successful Team Building Acolad group event!!! #keepgoing 👍


ThankSSSS… #keepgoing !