14 March 2023

DCBRAIN asked 4S to train and coach its sales people to pitch with more impact!

DCbrain a demandé à 4S de former ses commerciaux à pitcher


Start of March, DCBRAIN asked to 4S Consulting train its sales people to pitch, and coach them to learn and train them to pitch with impact, confidence and creativity.

In addition to learning how to prepare and make their pitch simpler and clearer (content and form), the participants were able to work on and develop their :

- posture so that they have more confidence and conviction,
- ability to convince and influence the audience (speech, argument)
- ability to adapt to imponderables (time and context management) and to all types of audiences (clients, partners),
- "I can do it" mindset to find HIS PITCH, and practice it.

DCbrain asked 4S to train its sales people to pitch

To achieve this, we have created and led a tailor-made training course, operational and adapted to each sales person (profile, experience...), with an intensive coaching and training approach, allowing the participants to question their daily practices, to become more aware and to make a real change in their operating mode, mindset and posture in their pitch.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jean-Michaël CARLI for all his confidence in us, and a BIG BRAVO to all his Team - Bruno LacosteDoudja KartobiJerome SimianVincent Le BrisSylvain CabalNathan BeguinGeert Meulenbelt- you did a great job and made a lot of progress in your ability to pitch effectively... keep it up, don't stop practicing with each other, that's the key. We are super proud of you 👍 #fierSSSS

Bernard Canicio, your coach and I, were very happy to train you and to accompany you during these 2 very dense days... see you soon 😉 !


ThankSSSS… #keepgoing !