16 September 2022

FNAC has asked 4S to train its sales leaders with disabilities!!!

FNAC a demandé à 4S de former ses vendeurs leaders en situation d'handicap !!!

FNAC has asked 4S to train its sales leaders with disabilities!!!

For the first time, on September 16th at the store Fnac of Paris St Lazare, 4S Consulting had the pleasure of training the vendors in "Mentoring Fnac en situation d’handicap.
Adapted from the 2020 training, and with the help of two sign language interpreters, the objective of this training was to involve and engage vendors in the "Mentoring" process/dynamic desired by the Fnac, to give them the tools and the operational posture of a mentor Fnac, in this way, they are able to develop their role, remove the obstacles to their mission, and give meaning to what is expected of them in order to supervise and pass on their experience to other employees (in the same situation or not) in the store.
THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to the two interpreters for accompanying us (quite a job!), and especially to the Fnac and the group Fnac Darty, to RomainElodie and Lionel for having entrusted us with this real challenge of training, adaptation and animation, which we were happy and proud to carry out for their teams... and finally a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants, who put on a superb work dynamic and showed a lot of enthusiasm and desire all day 👍
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