28 June 2022

WOKSHOP " 1ST TIME " @ TUNIS: Dare to better engage!!!

WOKSHOP "1ST TIME" @ TUNIS : Oser pour mieux s'engager !!!

WOKSHOP " 1ST TIME " @ TUNIS: Dare to better engage!!!

Last Tuesday in Tunis, at the Fondation Tunisie pour le Développementand for the guests of TACT TUNISIA4S Consulting and Bernard Canicio, conducted their first Workshop "abroad", on the theme of DARE and ENGAGEMENT... of teams through management 💪

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Rima Ben Chaaben for giving us this great opportunity, and for the organization of the guests, and to Omar Triki for having welcomed us all warmly and very comfortably to the Fondation Tunisie pour le Développement... it was a real pleasure for us to animate #trèstrèsfiers !!!

Finally, a THANK YOU to all the participants - Manel JRADFatma BazarbachaOns El AziziZied BelhadjOmar Tabkakarim sahli, Mouna Lassoued... you were all great with enthusiasm and dynamism 🙏 ... we look forward to seeing you again 😉