17 June 2022

WOKSHOP TIME @ WEWORK: Master Your Motivation!!!

WOKSHOP TIME @ WEWORK : Maîtriser Votre Motivation !!!

WOKSHOP TIME @ WEWORK: Master Your Motivation!!!

It was a real pleasure for me and 4S Consulting to have been with you to animate this Workshop at WeWork ! I hope I've provided as much value as I can and give you "pep" for the day 👍

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL of you for being there, and for your great participation... MilaAgatheAliThomasTancrèdeFrançois-XavierAnaisFlorianGeorges AntonioAndréAnastasiaJeremy and Benjamin... the energy and dynamics were toppissime!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2 "Ninja Warriors", Tancrède and François-Xavier, for their commitment to come and break... blow up the board 💪

Finally, a special thanks to WeWorkand the team of 33 Lafayette, for the organization of the event... MilaMyriam Jade and Maxime, you were great 🙏 ... let's do it again whenever you want in the fall 😉